Friday, August 9, 2013

17 September 1859

17th. A rainy morning with a strong and favourable wind. Having made 320 miles in 24 hours and as we are now within a 1000 miles of N. Zealand, the decks have been cleared during the week and today chain cable has been got on deck to be ready for anchor. By and by this is now the fifth day since these winds set in. From what I am told it is rather unusual but it serves well and we receive it as a blessing from him who worketh all things according to the councel of his own will. About noon we had a little change in the wind and the sea was much heavier after. This morning a curious fish was washed on deck. It's head was much like that of an eel with a trunk like an elephant on each side of which it had five horns which were full of claws with which I suppose he catches his prey. Its body was round and like a tube about its shoulders as if to admit the head or fold up his horns when unemployed. Its tail was like the half of a diamond but being a young we cannot say what would be the appearance full grown.
Booth, Thomas. Papers, 1857 - 1859. Auckland War Memorial Museum Library. MS 2002/56.

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