Second Cabin Passengers

 Sourced from Daily Southern Cross and the Wellington Independent:

  • Margaret Young, Thomas White Young, William Young, James S Young
  • Mr Alex Cruickshank and George Cruikshank, Alex Cruickshank, David James Cruickshank and James Cruickshank
  • Mr George Dickson, Mary Dickson, Isabella Dickson, George Dickson
  • Mr Ignatius Frederick Hindley, Mrs Harriett Hindley (nee Dransfield), Hariett Hindley, Sophia Hindley, Ellen Hindley
  • Mr John McCullagh (MCCULLOUGH), Mrs Mary McCullagh (MCCULLOUGH)*, William McCullagh (MCCULLOUGH), Margaret McCullagh (MCCULLOUGH),Thomas McCullagh (MCCULLOUGH), Sarah McCullagh (MCCULLOUGH), Ellen McCullagh (MCCULLOUGH), George McCullagh (MCCULLOUGH) (became farmer at Mangapai), John McCullagh (MCCULLOUGH) (went to San Francisco).
  • Mr Thomas Philpot (or Philpott), Jane Philpot, Thomas Philpot, William Philpot
  • Mrs Craigh and family
  • Mr Lindsay and 2 children
  • Mr George Anderson, Mrs Anderson, Mary Anderson, Margaret Anderson
  • Mr William Donaldson, Samuel Donaldson, Mary Donaldson, Jane Donaldson, Nancy Donaldson
  • Mr Joshua Johnson (2)
  • Mr and Mrs Huston
  • Mr W Hough, Mrs Isabella Hough
  • Mr M Ellett
  • Mrs H Dransfield
  • Miss Wilks
  • Mr W H Fouracre,
  • Mr Ellett
  • Mr W G Aspinall,
  • Mr Hanfield
  • Mr Alfred Sharp (or Sharpe)
  • Mr Marsh
  • Mr James Kayll (or Kayle)
  • Mr Boury
  • Mr J Wallace
  • Mr Thomas Redfern
  • Mr J W Thackleton
  • Mr Peter Dalziel
  • Mr Henry Carr, Stanley Carr
  • Mr R H Spencer
  • Mr Mason
  • Mr Shufton
* Mrs Mary MCCULLOUGH's grave


  1. Hi there
    Thought you might be interested in a photo I snapped a couple of months back at Waikaraka Cemetery, Auckland of Mary MCCULLOUGH