Thursday, August 8, 2013

25 August 1859

August 25. John Hendry, boatswain, commenced his duties again. The captain in one of his hasty moments had told him a few nights ago to go below, that he could do well enough without him. He accordingly went and did not resume until the Captain found that Mr & Mrs C. would not use their influence any more in seeking him to work after the way the Captain had treated John, and the Captain was left to make his own bargain which has turned out a good one. He has been paid £5 a month since the date we left Liverpool till we got here, whereas if the Captain had treated John as he should have done, he would have worked his passage as he engaged to do. It will be satisfactory to Captain Henderson to know John carried away golden opinions of his able conduct as a seaman both from the Captain and all the passengers and he was not two days here till he was asked to be a mate of a coasting vessel here, and today a gentleman called wishing him to take command of a coasting craft but he will not do anything until Mr C. Is settled.
Campbell, Alexander. Letters and papers, 1859 - 1870. Auckland War Memorial Museum Library. MS 50.

25th. This morning was fine but not so cold. The sun shone well most of the day. The sea continues in great swells either from distant wind or past agitation. This changeable weather keeps all hands employed. We carried a good deal of sail all day but about unmistakable signs of a heavy night appeared. Orders was given to furl the sails and before they could be executed our top main sail went to pieces. Rolled much all night.
Booth, Thomas. Papers, 1857 - 1859. Auckland War Memorial Museum Library. MS 2002/56

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