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12 June 1859

On Sunday we had Divine Service a l'Anglais, but found the preacher difficult to follow, as he was often interrupted by the crowing of the cocks on board, for so soon as one had finished his cock-a-doodle-doo, the note was taken up by another, and repeated until it had gone the round of all the hen coops. About an hour after a peculiar noise was heard below. On investigation it was found to proceed  from a party of Methodists or Ranters who were having service after their own manner. I did not go down among them, but stood beside a hatchway where I could hear the person who was officiating, when his voice was not drowned by those of his hearers with their responses of "Aye, aye," "No, no," etc which certainly did appear somewhat ridiculous to my perhaps prejudiced mind.

Our Voyage to New Zealand Per the Tornado (by a Glasgow Emigrant) Glasgow Herald December 19, 1859 

June 12. Weather fine and calm. Divine service on board. Rev. Mr. Foster Church of England officiated.

Campbell, Alexander. Letters and papers, 1859 - 1870. Auckland War Memorial Museum Library. MS 50.

12th Whit Sunday. This day was remarkably fine. In the morning it was dead calm but shortly the breeze filled our sails and we got on nicely most of the day. The several services of home engaged our conversation mostly. This morning we should held a class but there appeared neither the time nor place for so doing. About half past ten a clergyman put on his surplus and mounted the poop deck and read a great many prayers, collects psalms and lessons after which he gave us a short sermon of only moderate composition and very badly read. After dinner we held a prayer meeting and our place being under the saloon we disturbed them at their dinner and the Captain sent orders for us to desist and we gave up proposing to speak to him about it afterwards. And in the evening being late before tea was over no service could be held.

Booth, Thomas. Papers, 1857 - 1859. Auckland War Memorial Museum Library. MS 2002/56.

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