Sunday, July 28, 2013

13 July 1859

 July 13 - The ship was struck this morning by a sudden squall, which carried away the foretopgallant mast and the jibboom. It was about 8 days before the damage could be repaired.
Our Voyage to New Zealand Per the Tornado (by a Glasgow Emigrant) Glasgow Herald December 19, 1859

July 13. Came into the SE trade winds - was under the necessity of tacking much. South American coast often seen.
Campbell, Alexander. Letters and papers, 1859 - 1870. Auckland War Memorial Museum Library. MS 50

13th. A fine morning but a strange scene. The ship having been overtaken by a sharp squall shortly after midnight and broken her gibb boom fore top sail yard arm and torn down the gallant mast and and sail. This made quite a wreck in the fore rigging and very greatly impeded our progress.
Booth, Thomas. Papers, 1857 - 1859. Auckland War Memorial Museum Library. MS 2002/56.

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