Thursday, July 25, 2013

Advertising for the Tornado

This piece extolling the virtues of the Tornado appeared in many newspapers including the Salisbury and Winchester Journal May 21, 1859.

Sussex Advertiser April 19, 1859 Advertisment for Emigrants to New Zealand via ships of the White Star Line

Sussex Advertiser April 19, 1859

NEW ZEALAND. - The favour in which these colonies stand in public estimation is best shewn by the fact of the large emigration now going on, while there has been a decided check in the Australian exodus. Auckland, the granary of these beautiful islands is the principle point of attraction, and thousands are availing themselves of the land grants so liberally provided for intending settlers. Messrs Wilson and Chambers fine clipper ship "Tornado", starting from Liverpool on the 10th of June, for Auckland and Wellington, offers very superior accomodation for all classes of passengers; her between decks are nearly nine feet high and beautifully lighted and ventilated. We understand that there has been a very large enquiry for accommodation in the Liverpool ships on account of their well known punctuality of sailing, and the splendour and efficiency of these world clippers.

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