Saturday, July 27, 2013

20 June 1859

On the 20th there was an addition to our numbers, one of the passengers having given birth to a son.
Our Voyage to New Zealand Per the Tornado (by a Glasgow Emigrant) Glasgow Herald December 19, 1859 

 June 20. Mrs. Baird [Beard] had a son - afterwards called Alexander Aitken Tornado Baird [Beard].
 Campbell, Alexander. Letters and papers, 1859 - 1870. Auckland War Memorial Museum Library. MS 50.

20th. Very calm and fine all day. A breeze came towards night and she made (...illegible) headway. From about 9 until 10 tonight we had dancing (...illegible) poop (this is above the saloon and not for common people) and it was said that the captain took part in it. And I heard him encouraging them to dance on the main deck. No wonder at him disliking much preaching. About twenty minutes before three this morning there was a birth on board and we are glad to say both are doing well. The boy was named Alexander Aitken Tornado Beard.
Booth, Thomas. Papers, 1857 - 1859. Auckland War Memorial Museum Library. MS 2002/56.

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